Domain Promo Codes is LIVE again!

July 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently Domain Promo Codes has been attacked by DDoS Attack and now back again to serve us. But you may ask, what is a DDoS attack? 

DDoS attack was made by a hacker to make a certain machine or computer unavailable to its user. This attack was made to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt the service of a system that was connected to the internet. Typically DDoS attacks sites which is high profiled like a web server of a bank or credit cards gateways and any popular sites like Domain Promo Codes

For prevention of being attacked by DDoS you may use your computer firewalls which rules to allow or deny protocols, ports or IP addresses. Other method was by using a Switch or Routers to limits the rate of internet connection and ACL (access control list) capability. Others are by using application front end hardware, IPS protection, DDS defence, blackholing or sinkholing and by clean pipes which traffic the "bad" traffic and only sends good traffic to the network. You can search the web for more info about the methods of prevention of DDoS attack. 

 But the more important area here is that Domain Promo Codes was back again to serve us!

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