Sony Ericsson CyberShot Concept

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The Sony Ericsson CyberShot concept is the first android based Cybershot phone from the company. The series of Cybershot phones are popular for having high quality and incredible kind of cameras. The Arc in these cameras makes this device different and unique in many ways. Sony has not unveiled the device or its details in public domain, but a couple of details have been surfacing over internet at different places. These phones are also known as Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Yiko. Let’s try to explore the device in this article based on some gloomy or modest information available at the moment.

A closer look at Sony Ericsson CyberShot concept phones: As said earlier, the device is the first cell phone which works on the android platform. It runs on android based operating system in a typical SE customized format. The phone carries a 16 megapixel camera empowered by Exmor R technology with an incredible kind of flash. The form factor seen over this device would certainly remind you the other devices from the company especially the one called as Xperia Arc. It also resembles to a great extent to the Yiko device in terms of shape and thickness. Having these similar patterns of the above named two devices, you can include this device in the category of Xperia Arc which just differs by having a powerful and enhanced kind of Camera.

Device too good to be true: The picture of the device seen in a number of blogs and press releases at various places seems to be pretty blurred or hazy. However, looking over them it appears to be a touch screen based cell phone having a logo of Cyber Shot at the front side. The unfortunate part is you will not find any back side picture of this device; still people are confused whether the camera would have optical zoom or a xenon flash. However, either of the two is likely to be seen when the device finally embarks in the market somewhere in the coming year (might be in somewhere in mid 2012). Certainly the presence of three buttons seen over the front side indicate the common keys including the home, return and menu keys which is pretty similar to the latest Xperia handsets. So regardless of the way it comes, one thing is sure, the smartphone users are likely to get a device which can be too good to believe. In other words a dream come true device.

The fans of Sony Ericsson are pretty impatient as far as the CyberShot Concept phone device is concerned. With this device the company is likely to steal the show in the market of smartphones’. If we keep on judging on the simple and modest kind of picture seen at various posts and news articles, we can simply conclude that the device is going to fulfill the desires and wishes of millions of smartphone users. For that we just have to wait and watch for the mid 2012 when the device is finally going to mark its presence in the market.

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