More than just a phone the new smartphone/tab/gadget review

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A mobile phone! Yes, the new smartphone is more than a phone. It is classy, trendy and noted for its missing keyboard. The slider key board makes it looks totally different from the normal phones in the market. These phones had been in operation since the early 2000’s when they were only a requisite of the few in the society.

The smartphone due to its advance nature is naturally a personal computer. It organizes a person. Powered by Android 2.3 gingerbread with large screen enabling a user to watch movies and share photos conveniently. Some very interesting features with the new phones capability, in allowing users to attend meetings at which ever convenient place you are.

Since the advent of the gadget, nothing has had more reviews than these phones. Currently there is a list of 15 leading phones which include the likes of Android HP amongst others. Trying to compare these gadgets can be one of the most tasking events. Each phone has its advantages and disadvantages.

Makers of these phones compete to better their gadgets by the day. The software capacity and availability has tremendously increased. It does support numerous email accounts effortlessly. Changes in the gadget take place every single day. With the number of smartphones in the market currently, a user would be at a loss of which model to go for.

Samsung Nexus S4G

The new smartphone equipped with a QWERTY key board. This enables users to have the comfort of using it as they would be their computers. With notable higher speed web access, its speed is relatively fast. Users of the Android have the options of prolonging the live of their battery by turning off what is not in operation. These can include radios, WiFi, Blue-tooth, and any other functions.

The Android new phone comes fully equipped with a power control widget. This helps prolong the life of the battery use. Turning off the GPS, that is one of the worst consumers of battery; will give the battery a longer lease of life. Turning off these programs is real easy. All one has to do is to touch the screen where the icon is. Follow the prompt.

Samsung Nexus S4G is one of the newest gadgets in the smartphone collection. This is a product of both Google and Sprint. Almost immediately users noted the addition of the headphones which has been missing considerably in the other phones. The reviews and comments that followed was that it was a nice addition.

Another nice addition has been the volume rocker. This has met the user’s approval as its sound system has no distortion of any nature. With all the nice additions, there are also disappointments. The back covering is of pure quality and does not withstand a lot of pressure as the other phone series. The final worthwhile point was the no dropped calls effect.

Samsung DROID Charge

Moving on, the next phone to have hit the market is Verizon’s Samsung Droid Charge. This is currently, one of the fastest phone carriers to be established in 2011 in the United States. The Samsung Droid Charge is fully equipped with 2 cameras. One in-front and the next at the back, the still photo imprints taken from the cameras are worth viewing and very clear. One of the noted and worthwhile improvements is the chat video camera. It is exemplary.

Interestingly, Verizon did add their software. Despite all the mix, the software programs here are trial basis meaning they cannot last beyond a period. Why would they go that way? Quite amazing! For those who love photographs and wants to add a few to their collection, this is the right camera to use. You will like the final prints.

The Verizon smartphone is worth every penny. The speaker and speakerphone are steady and has no distortion of any nature despite being at places where the network system was rather low. With an upload, and download speed of 28MPs no phone can parallel it. It truly has an amazing downloading and uploading speed. Thumbs up, to Verizon! Boasting of a 2 year warranty period what more could one ask for?

Lastly and briefly lets have a look at the next phone being Windows 7 “Mango” Phone. No phone in 2011 has received more reviews than this smartphone. Boasting of a whole 1000 new features! There is more order here than any where else when it comes to having to search an application. Their alphabetical system is tremendously a smart feature and cannot be ignored. It makes searching and scrolling down real easy.

Notable change in the Windows 7 “Mango” Phone is the WiFi the advanced button is notably evident. Most of the features are minor, but they are worth the effort that put in its final production. The smartphones are here to stay, and we must accept the changes as they come.

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