Why Use A LG Marquee Smart Phone

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment
What requirement would you like from your smart phone? Perhaps, you are fond of entertainment and that you wish that the smart phone will have excellent games and music features. But, the LG Marquee is offering more than that since this comes with a range of functions. Although, the other specifications of this smart phone are pretty mid-range, but you will be happy to own this kind of device.

The business people are definitely looking for business functions on their phone. More than keeping them updated and having a good communication line among clients, colleagues and business partners through text and call functions, the LG Marquee has more to offer them. This smart phone can well handle a large amount of essential files and documents. With this device, they can even stay organized and make the smart phone a great companion especially during business trips and other important appointments wherein their important files should be available.

The LG Marquee is made to suit your needs since this has features that is quite convenient for you and this is great for your day to day activities. This new device comes with 4-inch NOVA display and 700ni, hence, viewing your files and documents will be easy and you will be able to see them clearly. Also, the phone is friendly to users thus navigating this won't be too hard to familiarize. But, since this uses the touch screen technology, it is best that you get a screen protector to be able to enjoy the great features that this phone is offering.

Furthermore, this smart phone can easily access the Internet since this is Wi-Fi ready and if there is a need for you to check your mails, or send and receive documents, then you will not have to be too concerned about these things if you are not in your office. Through this feature, you will be surprised at how practical and useful as the Marquee smart phone is for your activities and needs. There is no need to worry about looking for an internet caf where you can rent a computer so you can access the internet. Also, the midrange 1000MHz single processor and 512MB RAM of the Marquee need not be underestimated since this is able to handle several functions. You can still use several applications at the same time when you like to.

For additional storage of files, you can use the Dropbox application on your phone. This is a cloud service which offers a free storage of 2GB for whatever file you need to store such as music, photos and other documents. And if you like to get more storage from Dropbox, then you will simply have to pay an affordable subscription fee. Also, your phone comes with a to-do-list manager, and with this option, you will be able to take note and keep track of the things that you need to accomplish in an easy and organized manner.

However, to fully take advantage of the possible performance of your phone, then you should make sure that this is stored safely. It would help a lot if you purchase a case so that your phone won't get damaged in case you drop this when you are in a hurry. Moreover, you can select among the many available designs and colors that will help meet your taste and express your style. In addition, you will be able to purchase several accessories for your smart phone.

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