Antimicrobial Technologies Used in Medical Scrubs Fabrics

May 3, 2011 2 comments
Clothes with antimicrobial capabilities are very important for medical personnel. We know that hospitals and clinics are very prompt to many harmful microbes and deadly viruses. That's why the needs of antimicrobial clothes or fabric is indeed important for protection. Advances in fabric technology had meet such need for antimicrobial protection. Today many antimicrobial technology for nursing scrubs fabric had been used and we will discuss some of them  here.

Let's start with the most widely used antimicrobial technology for medical uniforms, the N-Halamine. N-Halamine is a unique molecular structure compound that binds chlorine to the treated surface of the fabric to provide an extended antimicrobial properties. And as we know chlorine is an agent which is commonly used for killing microbes and viruses. The bonded N-Halamine compounds in the surface of the fabric acts as a killing agent for germs that come into contact with the garments. N-Halamine also remains active for a long length of time until the free chlorine has evaporate or has been rinsed down to drain. N-Halamine compound also have the capability of being recharged by laundering the fabric with the chlorine bleach and it remains effective for years in the fabric.

Next is the Silver Ion antimicrobial technology. As we know silver is the widely use metal for hospitals equipments for its effective antimicrobial properties. Milliken antimicrobial technology come up with the idea of using silver for nursing uniforms by using the silver ions. The idea is by infusing the VisaEndurance technology via silver ions encapsulated in ceramic cages. The technique of this idea is that once the cage comes into contact with moisture, such as human sweat, the silver ions releases the antimicrobial properties that prevents odor caused by the bacteria or microbes. This technology provides long lasting antimicrobial effectiveness, moisture wicking properties, odor-control and stain release for medical scrubs.

Another antimicrobial technology is the Bioshield. Bioshield is an antimicrobial fabric finish which prevents the growth of widely array of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and yeast. The technique of Bioshield technology is by forming a positively charged polymer which chemically bonds into the fabric and acting like a bed of microscopic spikes. This spikes acts as a piercer to the cell walls of microbes which causes the microbes to die. As part of antimicrobial properties of the Bioshield, it also decreases the growth of odor, mold, mildew, fungi and algae. Bioshield also stands up for other antimicrobial finishes because it acts in a mechanical way, not like a poison. It doesn't also contain toxins that creates potential "superbug" microbes which build up resistance to treatment. Bioshield is also environmentally friendly.


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