Zune software review: Sync in Zune

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We don't review often software, but the Zune desktop software was almost inevitable, in this case is an integral part of Windows phone 7 experience. Since we already have a few AP7 phone reviews under our belt, we decided it was time we saw in the role your computer owned by a Windows phone 7 mobile plays.

It's what iTunes is the iPod.Seine functionality was extended, as new Zune-enabled devices have been added such as the ill-fated KIN phones and now Windows phone began 7 devices when the computer sync software for Microsoft's Zune player basically, the Zune software.

Microsoft made some decisions that practically need to install Zune it's mean if you an AP7, phone the only way to transfer data (buy photos, music, etc.) between your phone and the computer.

It's isn't as bad as it sounds, synchronization via USB is fairly simple and you can enable Wi-Fi synchronization.

Zune Review Zune Review Zune Review

The Zune app has a slick interface

But the Zune software package is more than one way, to a few songs offers load a full multimedia experience and be only your preferred media player on your computer.

It doesn't do anything by play and one purchase to give songs social arena where you can find new songs by you following the artist or with friends.

What is can't sync your contacts and calendar off, it's of no full PC Suite, it manages the multimedia part of the equation.

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