Unlock Virtually Any iPhone

March 23, 2009 Leave a comment
Unlock Virtually Any iPhone
Online iPhone unlocking solutions provider UnlockAnyiPhone.net (www.unlockanyiphone.net) is staying one step ahead of manufacturers Apple, allowing handset owners to unlock and choose their own network operator.

With the latest iPhone firmware and baseband updates, many of the commonly exploited software loopholes that allowed 3G unlocking are closing up, thus rendering most commercial unlocking solutions completely useless for the latest handsets.

However, the update has not affected the UnlockAnyiPhone.net (www.unlockanyiphone.net) solution, a safe, physical SIM insert designed to work with any model iPhone without cutting or causing any loss of service.

Peter Smit of UnlockAnyiPhone.net believes their solution is one of the most robust, safe unlocking products on the market, which will continue to unlock future generations of iPhone handset.

“Our solution is one of the most reliable unlocking products on the market, and we’re proud to offer our customers an easy route to unlocking their iPhone. Unlike many of our competitors, our SIM unlock solution is completely unaffected by the latest updates from Apple, and as a result, UnlockAnyiPhone.net customers can still enjoy safe, legal and easy unlocking thanks to our product.”

“Those that provided software unlocking solutions have been closed off in later models, with Apple successfully closing down the security loopholes that made software unlocking possible. However, our physical unlock will continue to function regardless of modifications made to the 3G handset’s programming, allowing the user to bypass the automatic network configuration to choose their own preferred operator.”

UnlockAnyiPhone.net provides iPhone unlocking solutions for both 2G and 3G iPhone handsets from $29.95, with free shipping and handling where applicable.

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